CityLoop is starting trial operations along initial routes
Business travel start-up providing an innovative ride-sharing black car service on medium-distance journeys is testing out operations with selected customers

Walldorf, 30 April 2019. Following a well-received launch event at the ITB trade show in Berlin, Germany, entrepreneur Jörg Mayer’s business travel start-up is beginning trial operations of the first ride-sharing service for business travellers on the road as planned. From today, select customers can travel the company’s initial routes, e.g. between the SAP campus in Walldorf and Frankfurt Airport.

The innovative limousine service, focussing on medium-distance journeys, follows the lead of scheduled services and, as a travel agency, books reasonably-priced seats in first class limousines. The circular routes, also known as “loops”, connect hotspots such as airports and major corporations and are serviced by select, experienced chauffeur service companies multiple times during the day, following a fixed schedule.

“We got excellent feedback when we presented our concept at the ITB!” remarks founder and CEO Jörg Mayer: “As a travel agency, CityLoop has set out to connect the various means of transport and to provide a completely new business travel experience with a punctual and reliable chauffeur service on medium-distance journeys. We’ve received valuable suggestions and support over the course of a number of conversations with business travel managers at renowned companies. Now, we’re going to put our energy into testing and systematically optimizing our service concept in trial operations on the initial loops.”

Up to three travellers can be transported safely, comfortably, and conveniently at the same time. Passengers can get on and off at numerous stop zones along the route, such as hotels, cafés, corporations, and car parks. On board the black cars, business travellers can work as they would in their own office or simply enjoy a relaxing break.

The CityLoop ride-sharing model, with tickets starting from EUR 79 per 100 kilometres, is not only efficient and extremely cost-effective, but also ensures there are fewer solo travellers on the road and therefore less pollution.

“It’s quite clear to us that companies have become more choosy. They expect an optimal business travel experience for their employees, but they also want to treat the environment responsibly!” adds Oliver Schwartz, Head of Corporate Communications at CityLoop: “Plus, more and more business travellers are requesting greater flexibility in their company’s business travel policies that focus less on the cheapest price for a ticket or overnight stay but, from an economic and financial standpoint, also take employee productivity into account. After all, travel time is work time and should be put to optimal use!"

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Companies interested in participating in CityLoop’s trial operations can find out more and apply by contacting the CityLoop customer service team on (+49 6227 65319-20) or at

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