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  • Vanessa Seifert Monday, 27. May 2019 by Vanessa Seifert

    Jörg Mayer at the VDR spring conference

    CityLoop, explained in 3 minutes

    This year again, at the 2019 VDR spring conference in Berlin, Germany, Christian Rosenbaum presented the “Silver Bullets”: innovative start-ups, technologies, and commercial ideas for business travel. CityLoop was also present. CityLoop founder Jörg Mayer explained the CityLoop concept and highlighted the company’s main strengths in a three-minute elevator pitch.

    Business Travel TV Studio’s camera team was live on site to bring you a recording of Jörg Mayer’s talk, which provides a brief overview of the CityLoop concept and explains how CityLoop is redefining medium-distance business trips.

  • Vanessa Seifert Wednesday, 22. May 2019 by Vanessa Seifert

    Interview with Oliver Schwartz

    What’s special about CityLoop?

    Oliver Schwartz, Head of Corporate Communications at CityLoop Travel GmbH, was interviewed about the CityLoop concept, the way loops work, and the booking options. He also talked about protecting the environment and facilitating more productive journeys, and about the planned amendments to Germany’s Passenger Transportation Act.

    The interview was conducted by Anja Neurohr and is now also available on the CityLoop YouTube channel.

    What makes CityLoop special? How do the loops work, and what are the booking options? What do they mean when they say “Travel time is work time”? Are all trips with CityLoop really climate neutral? And how does CityLoop position itself within the current political debate on modernizing the legal framework for passenger transport? Oliver Schwartz will answer all these questions in this video.

  • Oliver Schwartz Wednesday, 8. May 2019 by Oliver Schwartz


    Climate-neutral travel for CityLoop customers

    CityLoop actively supports a carbon offset project in collaboration with ClimatePartner, which is certified to VCS and CCBS Gold Level. This commitment not only means that all journeys of the business travel start-up are offset, but also that all CityLoop customers automatically travel climate neutral at no extra cost.

    To offset unavoidable fuel emissions, CityLoop decided on the forest protection project April Salumei, Papua New Guinea. The vast area of pristine rainforest plays an important role in storing CO2 as well as being the home of countless species of birds, exotic animals, and plants. Financing from the project also provides support for indigenous peoples, school education, health care, and small businesses.

  • Vanessa Seifert Thursday, 18. April 2019 by Vanessa Seifert


    CityLoop is starting trial operations

    Finally! CityLoop is starting trial operations on its first loop: between Walldorf (SAP) and Frankfurt Airport. From today, select companies and test clients can try out CityLoop’s service offering and contribute to its continuous optimization by providing feedback.

    To participate in trial operations, first you need to register with CityLoop’s customer service team, after which you can book either online or by telephone. The customer service team will then analyze your requirements and, with your help, determine your optimum stop zones for boarding.

    We look forward to your participation and thank you for your interest! For more information, visit our trial operations website.

  • Oliver Schwartz Monday, 15. April 2019 by Oliver Schwartz


    CityLoop at the NOAH conference

    More than 5,000 executives, specialists, and investors will attend the NOAH conference, the leading meeting place for innovative start-ups, established entrepreneurs, and interested investors, in Berlin, Germany, from 13–14 June 2019. The 200 guest speakers will include representatives from 80 hand-picked start-up companies.

    CityLoop and its investor relations team will also introduce themselves at NOAH, showcasing their innovative CityLoop concept on the start-up stage and inviting visitors to join CityLoop in conversation in the meeting room. CityLoop represents the increasingly important field of “new work”, which is surely at the forefront of every CEO’s mind right now.

    We look forward to meeting you in Berlin! To schedule a meeting, email us at

  • Oliver Schwartz Friday, 12. April 2019 by Oliver Schwartz


    CityLoop at the VDR spring conference

    This year’s VDR spring conference will take place in Berlin, Germany from 7–9 May 2019. Once again, we plan to cover a variety of forward-looking topics on all aspects of corporate mobility. CityLoop will be on hand, with its own team and booth. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to come and meet us in Berlin!

    Following the reception and an opening address by VDR president Dirk Gerdom, the political keynote will be delivered by Steffen Bilger, parliamentary state secretary for Germany’s Federal Ministry for Transportation and Digital Infrastructure.

    At the “Silver Bullets: Innovations in Business Travel and Mobility” session, CityLoop will pitch its innovative concept for medium-distance business trips. The roundtable discussion will be moderated by Christian Rosenbaum of the expert committee on VDR technology.

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