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Vanessa Seifert Wednesday, 22. May 2019 by Vanessa Seifert

Interview with Oliver Schwartz

What’s special about CityLoop?

Oliver Schwartz, Head of Corporate Communications at CityLoop Travel GmbH, was interviewed about the CityLoop concept, the way loops work, and the booking options. He also talked about protecting the environment and facilitating more productive journeys, and about the planned amendments to Germany’s Passenger Transportation Act.

The interview was conducted by Anja Neurohr and is now also available on the CityLoop YouTube channel.

What makes CityLoop special? How do the loops work, and what are the booking options? What do they mean when they say “Travel time is work time”? Are all trips with CityLoop really climate neutral? And how does CityLoop position itself within the current political debate on modernizing the legal framework for passenger transport? Oliver Schwartz will answer all these questions in this video.

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