Our Story

The idea for CityLoop developed out of many years of practical business travel experience because the CityLoop team have been entrepreneurs and executives for many years and business travel is part and parcel of that lifestyle. Our vision, therefore, is to create a dense network of bookable loops both in Germany and across Europe, so that CityLoop may become an integral component of every scheduled business trip.

The future of mobility will be shaped by alternative, environmentally friendly engines and motors: including everything from the option of autonomous driving to new, cost-effective means of transport that can convey passengers over land and water, and through the air. However, even when a project is technically feasible, it often faces opposition from economic and political interests as well as regulatory constraints. The boom in long-distance coach and bus travel would have been impossible only a few years ago. The various innovative new limousine services are met with resistance from established providers, such as taxi drivers, or may prove difficult to implement due to existing legal regulations and requirements for licenses or permits.

However, such hurdles should not deter us from working on forward-looking innovations.
There are numerous transportation services on offer for today’s city-based business traveller. Every business traveller has his or her own preferences where long journeys are concerned. One traveller might prefer to fly, another chooses to go by train, and a third opts to use his/her own car. None of these alternatives are particularly reliable or stress-free. However, many business hotspots are located outside cities and can therefore only be reached via transfers and medium-distance journeys – and it’s precisely here that there is a lack of convenient options and efficient connections between the different modes of transport.

German start-up CityLoop Travel GmbH has set out to redefine the business travel experience and to provide a convenient, reliable link for medium-distance journeys. Our business is centred on the concept of scalable Europe-wide “loops”, a convenient booking system via a smartphone app, and an uncompromising commitment to customer service for our guests.

CityLoop Vision


At CityLoop, our vision is to provide reliable, comfortable, and cost-effective transport links, optimally synchronised to allow business travellers to make the most of their valuable time: by working efficiently in their “mobile office” or simply relaxing and enjoying the journey. In the future, we may even incorporate autonomous driving concepts and other innovative means of transport – which will, of course, always include first class services. Here, a good booking platform should provide the key to the perfect business travel experience!

CityLoop Mission


Here at CityLoop, we believe that a business trip should be a pleasant, stress-free, and efficient experience. To facilitate our innovative limousine services on medium-distance journeys, CityLoop has therefore set out to create an optimised network of loops, to ensure an exceptional quality of service by employing extremely well-trained drivers, and to offer customers the convenience and reliability of booking via an app. With CityLoop’s concierge service, the customer’s needs always come first. We’ll be happy to meet all your booking needs!



After holding positions in management and on the board of directors at TelDaFax, HighwayOne, Telefonica, WEB.DE, 1&1, and Netviewer, Jörg Mayer, founder of CityLoop Travel GmbH, turned his focus to 21sportsgroup’s growth strategy to become the largest multi-channel sports retail platform in Europe.

At 21sportsgroup, Mayer very successfully allowed his passion for running and triathlons to inspire his commitment to entrepreneurship. Following his move from operational management to chairman of the advisory board in mid-2016, he handed over the reins to the management team in mid-2017.

Today, Jörg Mayer enthusiastically devotes his time and energy to new entrepreneurial and social projects, especially projects like CityLoop: Mayer’s vision of a brand-new business travel experience!


The CityLoop concept is not regional nor is it limited to a handful of metropolitan areas. We see huge potential for both national and international loops that can be gradually developed and connected to the network.

Many mid-sized international enterprises and large corporations are not located in major cities with excellent transport infrastructures, but within their extended commuter belts. This very much underlines the need for medium-distance transfers and improved connections to airports, long-distance train stations, and exhibition centres.

CityLoop Travel GmbH has systematically collected and analysed data in support of this proposal. Each new hub we plan to open along the scheduled route includes hotspots such as airports and at least one “super hotspot,” where a number of well-known companies are located, attracting many business travellers, employees, and heavy business visitor traffic.

One striking example for this are the Frankfurt and Stuttgart airports, as well as the Walldorf business park centred around global player SAP. A hub like this would include at least two regularly travelled loops, linked by one super hotspot. There would be a number of stop zones along the loop, including hotels, corporations, and car parks.

However, business travellers are not only interested in major airports and airline hubs.

Regional airports and smaller airlines have also been investing time and energy on new business flight connections. Furthermore, cross-border feeder and commuter traffic has been steadily increasing. For most travellers, these developments mean they have to undertake an often time-consuming and sometimes stressful journey to their hotspot, or use an unreliable and not very convenient combination of different types of transport. CityLoop is planning to change all that, both in Germany and internationally.

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